George Floyd protests spread across US – follow live updates

Angry protests continued for a fourth straight night in cities across the US over the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was killed when he was pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police officers and choked with a knee pressed against his throat.

One of the officers involved, Derek Chauvin, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter earlier in the day but that action did nothing to prevent fresh scenes of violence and arson erupting across the city as well as in other locations like Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Boston and Dallas.

After the National Guard stepped in to try to seize control of the situation, US president Donald Trump praised his own Secret Service agents for protecting him when activists picketed the White House, threatening “most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons” would have been used had they become unruly.

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‘We have to protect our community’: Native Americans launch patrols as protests threaten indigenous buildings

Native Americans in Minneapolis have launched night patrols to protect their community, after a number of indigenous business were damaged or destroyed amid several days of protests and destruction.

Community leaders said while their understood the anger and sense of marginalisation that might lead residents – many of them African American – to set fire to buildings such as banks and liquor stores, many said destroying grocery stores and pharmacies merely hurt the community.

On Friday night, as a largely peaceful protest in south Minneapolis descended into acts of destruction, groups of Native American men boarded pick-up trucks and set off to patrol their neighbourhoods.

Andrew Buncombe reports from Minneapolis:

Despite murder charge, FBI inquiry could be more serious for ex-officers in George Floyd killing, experts say

Derek Chauvin, who was fired by the Minneapolis Police Department along with three other officers present at the death of George Floyd, is one of the few instances in which an officer involved in the death of a suspect is actually charged with a crime.

Dr Jennifer Cobbina, assistant professor and Criminologist at Michigan State University, said that as infrequently as officers who kill are charged with a crime, they are even less frequently actually convicted.

Graig Graziosi reports:

Rocket launch, take two?

Donald Trump meanwhile is back in Florida to witness a second attempt at a SpaceX and Nasa rocket launch that was scrapped last week due to bad weather, which also could impact today’s attempt.

New York demonstrations continue on Saturday

Marches and protests are underway in Harlem on Saturday after hundreds of people were met by a small army of New York Police Department officers on Friday night in Brooklyn, where police broke up crowds in violent bursts, shot pepper spray, and shoved at least one woman to the ground.

Two New York legislative officials also were pepper sprayed, and one was handcuffed.



Protests on the move across US on 30 May

Demonstrations against police violence in the wake of George Floyd’s killing continue on Saturday in New Orleans, Austin, Dallas and Philadelphia, among other cities across the US joining protests that began in Minneapolis earlier this week.

William Barr: Protests ‘hijacked’ by ‘anarchic and far-left extremist’ groups, threatens federal prosecution against out-of-state protesters

Attorney General William Barr is joining officials relying on the “outside agitator” narrative that plagued Ferguson demonstrations in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing.

“The voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements,” the US attorney general said on Saturday. “Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation for their own separate agenda.”

He said protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing are being “planned, organised and driven be anarchic and far-left extremist tactics” including “many of whom travel from outside the state.”

“We must have law and order in our streets and in our communities,” he said.

He has threatened to invoke federal law against protesters: “It is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or to participate in violent rioting, and we will enforce those laws.”

Trump says ‘MAGA loves the black people’ after being accused of stoking racial violence

Donald Trump said he has “no idea” whether a counterprotest with his supporters will face demonstrators after he suggested “MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE” wold follow protests in Washington DC in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Asked whether he’s concerned his message stokes racial violence, he said: “No not at all … I have no idea if they’re going to be here. By the way, they love African Americans, they love black people. MAGA loves the black people.”

His comments followed a string of threats and accusations on Saturday amid growing protests and uproar in American cities following Mr Floyd’s death and the murder charge facing Derek Chauvin, a now-former Minneapolis police officer who was filmed kneeling against Mr Floyd’s neck for several minutes while he pinned to the ground and in handcuffs.

Secret Service contradicts Trump’s tweets: ‘No Secret Service protectees were ever in any danger’

After Donald Trump’s violent threats against protesters and suggestions that US Secret Service members were hoping to inflict violence, the agency appears to contradict the president’s, saying they were not in “in any danger” and that the DC police were on the scene. The president said Mayor Muriel Bowser “wouldn’t let” cops at the protest.


Breaking: Trump blames ‘Antifa and the radical left’ for protests

Rihanna ‘haunted’ by George Floyd’s death

The pop icon is the latest powerful black voice to come forward to express her disgust at the events of the last week. 

Ellie Harrison has this report.

Trump and Obama’s responses to the George Floyd tragedy compared

I think I know who’s going to come out of this one on top.

Here’s Greg Evans to do the honours for Indy100

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says protests are about ‘destroying society’

Interestingly, Governor Walz just said something similiar – although he was referring to very real far-right opportunists and not the phantom anarchists Tucker is conjuring here, hysterically and baselessly, to trigger his viewership.

Minnesota congresswoman: ‘People are exploiting our grief and destroying our city’

Progressive Democrat Ilhan Omar follows up on Governor Walz’s remark just now suggesting that outsiders are to blame for a high percentage of the violence with a call for community unity.

Here’s the latest on Walz and the National Guard.

Why Americans protesting George Floyd’s death are wearing white arm bands

Zoe Tidman is here to explain.

Trump puts US army on alert to be deployed in Minneapolis

Alex Woodward has the latest on this.

Minnesota governor says ‘situation is Minneapolis no longer about the memory of George Floyd’

Tim Walz has been giving a press conference on the violent protests seen over the last few nights and says the arson attacks have nothing to do with the man murdered by city cops and make “a mockery” of his memory.

“It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear and disrupting our great cities,” he says.

Governor Walz says he will fully activate the National Guard, something that has never happened in the state’s history, and warned that white supremacists from elsewhere are seizing on the matter to spread hate.


Also speaking was Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, who is now being trolled by the president over his abilities as a public speaker (which are completely fine and by no means worthy of ridicule).

Shouldn’t he be offfering some words of consolation to a frightened nation? #BeBest.

‘This is my city. I’m here to help’

As Trump begins pushing a conspiracy theory about last night’s White House demonstrations…

…here’s a more positive example of community leadership from the streets of Atlanta this morning.

What sparked the George Floyd protests – and what happens next?

If you’re running late to the apocalypse, here’s Colin Drury with a very timely refresher.

President appears to call for pro-Trump protests at White House

Trump here continues to undermine the demonstrations outside his front door but what does he mean by “MAGA NIGHT”? 

If he is calling for a right-wing counter-protest, as suggested below, that is very disturbing indeed.

Trump hails Secret Service and threatens White House demonstrators with ‘most vicious dogs, most ominous weapons’ day after being accused of glorifying violence

The president’s first thoughts today are regarding his own safety, not the national outrage and burning cities sparked by a racist police murder.

Here’s Alex Woodward’s report.

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