Sharon Stone trolls Bernie Sanders ahead of Wisconsin Democratic primary

Actress Sharon Stone continued her long-running trolling of Bernie Sanders ahead of the Wisconsin presidential primary on Tuesday, asking Twitter if he was “actually” going to do a repeat performance of his 2016 campaign and stay in the race.

“Am I the only person that didn’t know @BernieSanders was still in the race?” she tweeted. “Is he actually going to do this TWICE?”

Sanders supporters immediately fired back at the Oscar-winning actress, dubbed “Karen” Stone.

“Am I the only person who didn’t know @SharonStone still had a career? Nevermind, just checked IMDb. She doesn’t,” said Twitter user @jvgraz.

Stone, who starred in Basic Instinct and Casino, has a history of criticising the presidential candidate, saying in a 2016 interview that Sanders was in no “way, shape or form” prepared to be president, asking “how much acid has this guy taken?”

“Bernie seems pretty old just in general, and some of his ideas are a little bit old. He’s not young doing this, and he didn’t really work until he was 40 so I wonder, like, how much acid has this guy taken?” she said.

“I really do, that’s not a joke. We were so aggressive asking people, ‘Did you smoke pot?’ But in reality, how much acid has Bernie Sanders taken? Because there’s a certain edge to his personality and way about his behaviour that makes me wonder, ‘How much LSD have you taken?'”

In January, Stone endorsed Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who took the contest by storm before dropping out after Super Tuesday and endorsing Joe Biden..

“I support Pete Buttigieg for president because I believe he is the candidate that will take us to a safer, more thoughtful future!” she wrote on Facebook.

Mr Biden was expected to win the Wisconsin primary, a state which Mr Sanders claimed victory in four years ago when he was running against Hillary Clinton.

The former vice president is expected to tie up the race for the Democratic nomination after coming from behind with a series of stunning wins. However, it remains to be seen whether the Vermont senator will press the race all the way to the convention.

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